Nuova Sida

Today Nuova Sida is a solid and established reality in the Vicenza lathing scene. With this being said, you can find several generations that work in perfect synergy, thus managing to combine many years of experience with the most innovative technologies.

For nearly thirty years, Mr. Carlo Zanetti has been managing Nuova Sida with courage and devotion, involving his entire family in this project. Not only does he have his wife, Mrs. Maria Rosa, by his side in the management of the company; there are also his daughters Chiara and Giulia and their husbands, Vanni and Paolo at the lead of the technical and commercial office.

The staff of 25 employees and the machine park of 60 lathes today allow Nuova Sida to serve a vast customer portfolio that spans to the most diverse sectors such as automotive, hydraulic, pneumatic, plumber, pharmaceutical, etc.

The continuous implementation of the quality system, of the ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate, and the continuous monitoring of the efficiency of production allow Nuova Sida to face the market with high quality workmanship at a competitive price.

These characteristics make Nuova Sida the ideal partner today for the supply of precision mechanical parts.

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Courtesy and availability of our staff94%
Accuracy and transparency of estimates 91%
Delivery on time90%
Answer in urgent cases95%
Technical product compliance96%
Quality packaging90%
Positive feedback93%

* Data collected through our “Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire”

Our Customers Opinions

PEL Pintossi Spa

Sector: Brass/iron molding and mechanical processing

For years it has been a reliable and precise partner, we appreciate the flexibility and kindness of the staff. They are prepared and always available.

Giancarlo Salomoni, Sale Manager

WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH

Sector: Sensor technology

Nuova Sida has accompanied us for many years as an important supplier of key components for our products, enabling us to manufacture sensors of the highest precision and quality.

Marcus Venghaus, CEO

Aseptconn AG

Sector: Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical

Nuova Sida represents a trusted partner, is distinguished for its excellent quality, great flexibility and daily commitment in responding to the continuous and increasingly severe demands of the pharmaceutical market.

Riccardo Belluzzi, Technical Director

Yep Components SAGL

Sector: Cycling parts

A company on a human scale where it is possible to find competence and technical support. For five years it has been carrying out our projects with great quality and respecting delivery times. Excellent partner.

Andrea Chiesa, Holder

Eddylab GmbH

Sector: Measurement Technology

We enjoy a long term and successful business relationship with Nuova Sida and appreciate the company as a reliable partner for high quality CNC parts. Due to Nuova Sida´s big range of machinery and production methods, we can be sure to receive all different kinds of parts.

Christian Schrick, Production Manager

Our Mission

When I took the historic Sida over, I knew I was acquiring a 40-year experience in lathing. I did my best to make the company grow up, and after more than 20 years in the business, my dream has come true: numerous investments and our 3,500 m² manufacturing plant. Besides that, I managed to pass my passion for work to my family: I matched my experience to my descendants’ innovations, and I am now in the process to set the basis for the future. Customer satisfaction is one of our main assets, and it gives us the strength to go on. We strongly believe that lathing joints, inserts, screws and mechanical components is not a duty, but a passion!
and passion means life!

Carlo Zanetti
President C.D.A. of Nuova Sida

Who We Are

Paolo Dal Bello
Commercial Manager
 - Production Planning Area
Giulia Zanetti
Chief Executive Officer - Commercial Management
Carlo Zanetti
President of C.D.A.
Chiara Zanetti
Vice President - Administration Manager
Vanni Bellinato
Production Manager