Automatic Multi Spindle Lathes

Project Info


Automatic multi spindle lathes are used to lathe large quantities, with a bar passage up to Ø32.

The company owns:

    • N° 1 A.H. SCHUTTE MODEL SF26 with bar passage up to Ø26
    • N° 1 A.H. SCHUTTE MODEL SF32 with bar passage up to Ø32

The automatic multi spindle lathe is a highly productive machine
, in which the production processes and phases, needed to manufacture a piece, are carried out in parallel. For this reason, more spindles are synchronically activated in the different machining units where the piece is located, phase after phase. All the machining units run in parallel and can activate more tools.

The machining technologies that we provide go much beyond lathing and piercing: they include milling, polygonization, and various types of threading operations.
The productivity of a multi spindle lathe is about 5-7 times higher than that of an automatic single spindle lathe, so that the price can be cheaper.