Fixed Head CNC Lathe

Project Info


CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathes to machine more and more complex pieces with diameters up to Ø 65.

The company owns:

  • No. 1 INDEX ABC – 6 axes, bar passage up to Ø 42
  • No. 2 INDEX G200 – 6 axes, bar passage up to Ø 65
  • No. 4 EMCO HYPERTURN 665 – 8 axes with B-axe, bar passage up to Ø 65
  • No. 1 EMCO HYPERTURN 665 – 10 axes with Gantry gate for automatic loading and unloading , bar passage up to Ø 65
  • No. 1 AVM ANGELINI FELIX – 4 axes, bar passage up to Ø 65
  • No. 2 AVM ANGELINI DG13 – 2 axes with tailstock un cycle, loading up to Ø 105
  • No. 1 ANGELINI MACH2 VERTICAL LATHE – 6 axes, automatic loading up to Ø400
  • No. 1 CAMI ER60 – 10 axes, bar passage up to Ø 60
  • No. 3 CAMI B42 – 5 axes, bar passage up to Ø 42
  • No. 2 CAMI CSV32 – 5 axes, bar passage up to Ø 32

INDEX group was established in 1914 and it is one of the leading companies in the lathe manufacturing industry.
ABC is a 6-axis numerical control lathe, allowing to machine bars up to Ø42. G200 is a 6-AXIS lathing and milling unit, designed to machine both simple and very complex pieces, up to Ø 65. Manufactured by GAMMA CAMI, ER60 is a 10-axis single spindle lathe, 100% made in Italy, machining bars up to Ø 60.
The HYPERTURN EMCO series was designed to highly increase the productivity during series production of complex items. It features 8 axes and it can mill, pierce and cut in a single machining process. Y-axis allows to carry out complex milling operations. B-axis allows to pierce and mill from a tilted position. Their self-centring systems allow to lathe bars up to Ø 250. Based in Varese area, AVM ANGELINI boasts a 60-year experience and it has become a dynamic manufacturer of CNC lathes and machining centres. FELIX model is a 4-axis CNC lathe with a bar passage up to Ø 65.