Sliding Head CNC Lathe

Project Info


The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathe is the highest evolution of the machine tool.

The company owns:

    • N° 1 TORNOS ENC 74 – Bar passage up toØ 7
    • N° 1 TORNOS ENC 163 – Bar passage up to Ø 20
    • N° 2 TORNOS ENC 167 – Bar passage up to Ø 20
    • N° 1 TORNOS DECO 13 Basic – Bar passage up to Ø16
    • N° 5 TORNOS DECO 20a – Bar passage up to Ø 26
    • N° 3 TORNOS DECO 26a – Bar passage up to Ø 32

Introduced in 1985 by TORNOS, ENC 74, ENC 163, ENC 167 with a bar passage up to 20 mm, managed to meet the market needs as regards to the large-scale production of both simple and complex components. These machines grant the same productivity of cam machines, but with all the benefits of numerical control. In 1996, DECO 2000 was designed, it started a new generation of sliding head lathes. The peculiarity of PNC-DECO (parallel numerical control) systems: it can run all the 12 axes of the machine at the same time.