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Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Since our company complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, it aims at continuously improving its performances, always keeping in mind its customers. 
Nuova Sida wants to achieve such a goal by implementing and keeping a quality management system particularly focusing on:

  • Infrastructures and workplace;
  • Staff competence, training and awareness;
  • Refined communication with customers;
  • Documents, resources and product-specific processes;
  • Compliance with compulsory regulations;
  • Activities to check, validate, monitor, measure and approve both internal and external processes;
  • Recordings to give proof of product and process compliance;
    cost optimization;
  • Continuous identification of goals to further improve our business.
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Quality Policy

NUOVA Sida aims to create a corporate culture based on an authentic awareness of Quality and adequate risk management, in compliance with the rules, aiming to guarantee a product and service based on the maximum satisfaction of its Customers.

The Quality Policy is the expression of the Management’s intentions and gives instructions on the Quality of products and processes. On the basis of this document, the company’s management defines, annually, the specific objectives to be achieved and the resources to be committed for the success of the project.

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The company owns:

—     Millesimal optical comparator
     Millesimal reading microscope
—     Enlargement microscope

Optical measuring machine Opticline Contur 205

Optical control tool collecting data from the item measured through a CCD linear camera, making 2000 scans per second, and processed by a specific computer. It allows to measure the dimensions in a short time and to create and store measuring programmes.

—      Shaft control tables with and without centres
—      Multi purpose indexing table “Come”
—      Mitutoyo altimeter
—      Altimeter Tesa “MICRO-HITE” 600mm
—      Mitutoyo roughness meter
—      Mitutoyo levelling table made of granite
—      Millesimal digital micrometers
—      Go/no go gauges for holes and threads
—      Gauges

Each tool is identified to determine its status with respect to the calibration and is periodically entrusted to an accredited metrology laboratory. A dedicated software allows the traceability of these checks.