NUOVA SIDA automatic turnery specialises in lathing nuts, bolts and mechanical components according to its customers’ design.
Our passion at your service!

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Nuova Sida

Automatic turnery based in Camisano, Vicenza

When I took the historic Sida over, I knew I was acquiring a 40-year experience in lathing.
I did my best to make the company grow up, and after more than 20 years in the business, my dream has come true: numerous investments and our 3,500 m² manufacturing plant.
Besides that, I managed to pass my passion for work to my family: I matched my experience to my descendants’ innovations, and I am now in the process to set the basis for the future.
Customer satisfaction is one of our main assets, and it gives us the strength to go on. We strongly believe that lathing joints, inserts, screws and mechanical components is not a duty, but a passion!
and passion means life!

Carlo Zanetti