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Managing the Orders

At the center of our work are the customer’s needs. Nuova Sida is able to manage different types of orders: closed, open and kamban.

All of our customers orders are confirmed by email. A warehouse is available for the storage of products in stock.

To answer the urgencies of our customers, Nuova Sida has dedicated an internal area for the raw materials: there are brass bars, alloy and stainless steels, aluminum, nylon, tecam and pvc. An allotted location is reserved for the storage of lathing material supplied on account of the customer.

On request it is possible to carry out pre-series samples.

Quality Control

Compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard commits the company in guaranteeing and monitoring the entire production process through internal procedures.

Inspections, tests and measurements are carried out during the production processes and on the finished products, in order to make the necessary corrective actions to eliminate possible problems.

The inspection office ensures quality and efficiency with the latest generation of measurement tools. All of the tools are identified and managed through a dedicated software and are periodically entrusted to an accredited metrology laboratory for calibration.

Treatments, Markings and Assembly

To make the service more complete, Nuova Sida collaborates with specialized suppliers on complete tools of:

  • Surface treatments: galvanizing, burnishing, chrome plating, anodizing, nitriding, stripping …
  • Heating/Cooling Treatments: annealing, case hardening and quenching, remediation …
  • Assembly of o-rings, pins, balls …
  • Special polishings
  • Engraving
  • Laser marking

All of these processes are managed from outsourcing and are kept under control with the constant monitoring and evaluation of the suppliers.

Washing and Packaging

The cleaning of each piece represents an important phase in the production process and is entrusted to a closed circuit solvent DOLLMAR DELFINO LM250 (4 baskets).  There is also a ultrasonic cleaning machine in our washing department.

The packaging is free and is agreed upon by the customer. Nuova Sida provides polyethylene bags or cardboard boxes of different sizes.

Depending on the customer’s needs, the pieces can be delivered in loaned containers, placed on blister packs or with special types of packaging.


Nuova Sida takes care of the shipment of products both to Italy and internationally.

Depending on the specific needs of each customer, our team organizes deliveries by recipient or by courier.

The company has its own vehicle for deliveries paid by the sender, according to the times, possibilities, and agreements with the haulers and express couriers.

After Sales

The service does not conclude itself with the delivery to the customer. Our after-sales service allows the traceability of all work orders, the records of the carried out inspections and the certificates of the raw materials used.

All incoming raw materials are coded with a barcode. A production data collection software records the batch of raw material used for each individual process. All raw material certificates are stored within our companies management system. Any complaints are managed through internal registration models in order to identify the causes and implement adequate preventive and corrective actions.

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Special Inspections

The qualified staff of Nuova Sida is able to perform PPAP checks on the production process, with related documentation. State-of-the-art measuring tools and technical skills allow to perform statistical CP and CPK process controls required by the customer’s needs.

Prototyping and Pre-Series

Experience and dedication make the technical office of Nuova Sida the ideal partner to rely on when prototyping new projects. The customer is subsequently followed in the pre-series phase with related process studies, in order to ensure maximum reliability during production.